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"Bharatanatyam is a beautiful and intense dance form, believed to be passed on to humans from the Gods! While mastering the art-form requires a 'life-time', every victory in one's path to learning the art should be celebrated. For us at Shanti Kala Nikketan, Bharatanatyam is a Sadhana that helps in the overall development of one's character to be a creative and empathetic human being. Every dancer deserves a platform to perform and express themselves, irrespective of their stage of learning! We are delighted to present "Udaan" as a humble offering to the art-form and as a platform for our dancers at Shanti Kala Nikketan to celebrate their accomplishment of moving one more step closer to learning the art!

"Udaan" has been chosen as the theme of our performance to signify "Flying high to reach our goals". In one's journey in learning Bharatanatyam, every dancer encounters numerous challenges. These challenges are overcome with more ease in the presence of a Guru. Like a swan (Hamsa) meticulously separates the milk from a mixture of milk and water, the guiding light of a Guru enables a Sishya to separate and experience the beauty of the art while overcoming challenges, experience freedom to explore and thereby fly to great heights. Our dancers are ready to enthrall you with their dance! 

Come join us on Oct 20th (Friday) at 5.30 p.m in Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai to witness a celebration of passionate journeys, dedication, and love for Bharatanatyam! Your presence will uplift their spirits and inspire them to achieve their goals!

First Arangetram of Shanti Kala Nikketan


Aparna Manu

First student of Shanti Kala Nikketan

16th June, 2018 - Chennai

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