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Shanti Kala Nikketan

Academy of Fine Arts

Shanti Kala Nikketan, the organisation took birth on 18th April 2009. Artistic Director Sunitta Menghanaani draws her inspiration from the Founder Om - Guru - Om's vision for a cultural renaissance. Shanti Kala Nikketan nurtures Gurukulam style of education where the students practice Classical art form along with the much-needed infusion of literature and mythology, to assist in holistic development. The Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam is the adopted method of dance modality. We insists on developing a synergy of commitment and perseverance where both the Guru and Shishya flourish together.

We have started our new branch at Vavuniya, Srilanka. Individual and group classes are happening @ 21/23, Pillayar Kovil Street, Koomankulam,  Vavuniya, Srilanka. For enquiry of classes please write to 

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