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Our Founder

Om Guru Om

Every art reveres him in all forms he who manifests in various forms, he adores the wise and righteous, and is adored by the good. Ever righteous, he leads people towards the path of Gyan and Bhakti ( Prem ), sheltering all the living beings. He is a Guide to all, he is of infinite names, the Guru - Om Guru Om, Our Founder. For him, Art is essentially an affirmation, benediction or reverence of the existence - the Divinity. The beautiful experience of every art form is that it takes you closer to God and merge with it. This is the fundamental emotion in the cradle of every art. Soul of the art represents the artist himself through which we can seek the god in oneself and others. When art becomes a part of our life.... it takes you to the highest formless form of happiness. Thus every art form is a portrayal of God.

Art is not common

its the divine expression

which reveals itself.

The formless takes form

and reaches to us all within the Arts

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