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Level 1

Kids leaning

The beginning is with sowing the seeds of art culture in the uninitiated. Within this phase, the students will learn

  • 24 Adavus

  • Dance Theory, Talam and Abhinaya  (through modalities of games and activities)

  • Folk Dance (various forms)


Learn... Grow... Spread!

The Six Steps

Level 2


The sprouting seed stage is when the student evinces zest and fervour, within this stage, the students will learn

  • 18 different Adavus

  • Pushpanjali / Todayamangalam

Level 3


The stage of the new leaves, within this stage the students will learn

  • 7 strong Adavus to enforce patience and determination

  • Allaripu

Level 4


The blossoming, within this stage the students will learn

  • The transition from Adavus to Abhinaya

  • 6 Adavus

  • Jatiswaram

  • Shabdam

Level 5


As the dancer begins to Merge within oneself, they learn

  • Varnam, the main classical repertoire piece

  • Keerthanam to explore the essence of Bhakti

Level 6


The expansion of the perception, the students will learn

  • Padams and Javalis to study Abhinaya in-depth

  • Performance  


Individual & Online Classes

We provide Online classes through different platforms like Skype/Zoom and Individual/Group classes at your residence. For more details contact/email us in the address given below.

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